What To Do in Nassau, Bahamas, Part 3, as Experienced by Stacey Gross with Favorite Place Travel

What To Do in Nassau, Bahamas, Part 3, as Experienced by Stacey Gross with Favorite Place Travel

My third visit to Nassau was on a short cruise, and I was ready to experience a typical “cruise excursion”, but I didn’t want to go through the cruise line.  I used Shore Trips to book a 10-mile bike tour. My husband and I were instructed to meet our guide in front of the Parliament Building which is just a couple of blocks from the port.

While we were standing on the corner in front of the Parliament Building, limousines began arriving and dignitaries got out and walked into the building. They were a part of the mourning party for former parliamentarian and educator Frank Leopold Edgecombe. We were witnessing an important piece of Bahamian history!

Our guide met us in her personal car, a lovely lady who hailed from England, but has lived in Nassau over 20 years. She took us to her home where we got on her bikes and took off.

While this may seem unsafe, getting in the car of a total stranger and going to her home, I knew she was vetted and trusted by Shore Trips, and not once did I feel unsafe. The guide lives on the other side of the island, so we got to see a lot of Nassau that most tourists never get to see. We got to see where the locals live, away from the port, the rum cake and Senior Frogs.

We took off on our bikes, and the guide provided some cookies, bottled water and rain ponchos. I didn’t think we’d need the ponchos, but it turns out the local guide knew what she was doing, and a few miles in, the bottom fell out of the sky and we were spared from getting soaked due to the foresight of the rain ponchos.

Now, lest you be midled, this wasn’t a scenic tour of Nassau for 10 miles. We went down old roadways, through not-so-pretty scenery, but it wasn’t a strenuous ride, and we ended up at a local beach in the village of Adelaide where the water was still and clear, far from the tourists. I was able to get a conch shell right out of the water that the locals had discarded, instead of paying $20 for one marketed to the tourists.

“Keep da beach clean”

We returned to the ship in plenty of time, and of my three visits to Nassau, this experience was one of the favorites. Exploring on our own (Part 1) was excellent, although due to safety concerns, I don’t recommend it. My visit to Atlantis (Part 2)  was once-in-a-lifetime, but been there, done that.

This organized trip by Shore Trips allowed us to see parts of the island we otherwise would not have seen and meet a great woman who loves her island and was eager to share with us.

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Time to Plan Spring Break 2013! Your Travel Agent at Favorite Place Travel is Here to Help!

Time to Plan Spring Break 2013! Your Travel Agent at Favorite Place Travel is Here to Help!

It has been over two months since the holiday season, and we have all been working feverishly to kick off 2013 with a bang, and come April, we are going to need a break!

Spring Break 2013 is a great time to get away with the kids and go on an adventure. Do something you’ve never done before…rent an RV and take a road trip, go on a cruise, visit Disney World, and if you prefer the cold, there is still good skiing out West.

Perhaps going on a vacation isn’t an option, then make it a staycation. I love the ideas offered by Real Simple magazine in this article, click here,  for a successful staycation.

Whatever adventure you prefer, don’t ignore this opportunity to make memories! Don’t sit your kids in front of the tv so you can continue with your same routine uninterrupted. Spring Break is a time to get energized about finishing out the school year, wrapping up the first-quarter projects and heading into Summer. It’s a chance to reconnect, a mid-year connection point, if you will, and it will be a time your kids remember every time their kids have a Spring Break.

Spring Break 2013 Let your travel agent help you plan!

For ideas on where to spend your Spring Break, click here to read great suggestions.

It’s an opportunity of a lifetime, and Favorite Place Travel wants to help you make sure it doesn’t come and go without making the most of it. Contact your travel agent at sgross@favoriteplacetravel.com or sglover@favoriteplacetravel.com or call Stacey at 404.409.4174, or Susan at 708.479.4693.