London has had a good few years…a royal wedding, the Queen’s Jubilee, the Olympics, and now a new baby in the Royal Family. The city has never looked better. The best part is prices on hotels have dropped dramatically, yet the splendor still exists. Even without the recent celebrations, London stands on it own as one of the world’s top destinations. The royal sites, theater, shopping, museums sell themselves to the city loving traveler out there. Many of the city’s top spots have done double duty for the Olympics, so London can appeal to the sports lover in your group too.

Lovely Hyde Park, worth a visit at any time for Diana’s Garden and the Speaker’s Corner, served as the triathlon grounds. Beach volleyball was played at the unlikely Horse Guards Parade at 10 Downing Street. That’s right – right next door to the Prime Minister’s house. Of course, Wimbledon not only hosted its famed tennis tournament earlier in the year, but also served as the home for tennis for the Games. It’s still worth a visit for tennis buffs when not hosting the tournament as it serves as home to the club’s museum which includes a tour “guided” by John McEnroe.

London definitely doesn’t dwell in the past and is constantly moving forward. Let your travel agent at  Favorite Place Travel plan your trip to show you the past, present and future of the world-class city of London and all it has to offer.

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